What’s in a name?

We are often asked “What’s the story behind the name Adore Bioux?” When we first established Adore Bijoux Jewelers, we wanted to choose a name that would reflect our unique vision of blending over 30 years of craftsmanship and experience with the love we have for beautiful jewelry. To evoke the romance of giving a gift that is meant to be treasured. Adore Bijoux. The words in French combine to simply mean “Love of Jewelry.”

a·dore (ə-dôr’, ə-dōr’)
v. tr.

To love intensely.

bi·joux (bē’zhōō’)
n. pl.

A small, exquisitely wrought trinket.

a·dore bi·joux (bē’zhōō’)

Love of Jewelry.


Adore Bijoux Jewelry is… Perfect, memorable, and everlasting…

Adore Bijoux Jewelers Custom Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


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